Our restaurant is reservation-only.

Granbell Ebisu Nishi 6F
9-7 Ebisu-Nishi 1-chome, Shibuya-ku


Enjoy a Heavenly Time with Us

Let us bring you happiness by giving you a unique opportunity to enjoy the most delicious sushi and other Japanese dishes you’ve ever tasted. Whether you eat at the counter or in a private room, we’ll do our everything we can to guarantee that the few hours you spend with us are a time of complete contentment.

About Our Restaurant

At our restaurant, you’ll be welcomed with sushi and other tantalizing Japanese dishes made with seasonal ingredients. Our chef, Mr. Tomohiro Kumakura, has honed his skills over many years at Michelin-starred restaurants and famous establishments in Ginza, giving him a wealth of expertise in Japanese cuisine as an Edomae sushi chef. We’re certain that dining with us will be a simply unforgettable experience for you.

Enter Our World of the Finest Sushi and Sake

We specialize in omakase dining. Each meal is chosen just for you by our chef and consists of an enticing range of appetizers, sashimi, sushi and side dishes—all prepared from fresh, high-quality ingredients. We also have a wide variety of sakes and wines to complement the food perfectly. It’s our great pleasure to ensure that all our guests enjoy the refined tradition of Edomae sushi while experiencing the contemporary world of Japanese cuisine.